Another cute Christmas freebie….

While scrounging around on the internet for tiny elf patterns I came across these.

This one is generously offered up for free by Phoenixknits over on Ravelry. Her work is truly amazing…..


Free Santa and Snowman knit pattern with beaded or corded legs. Click on pic for link.

Another must have freebie comes from Alan Dart. These little gals are super cute and can be done up in the traditional Christmas colors. He too has done some spectacular work.

Alan Dart Furry Fairies free pattern . Click on pic for link to pattern.

While visiting Alan’s site I just had to make a purchase… well several! And best of all, I found what I was looking for… yay me!

He is soooo adorable!


Lucky Piskie pattern . Click pic for link to $ pattern.

One last find for today is the notorious Shelf Elf. I found this free pattern over on Ravelry.  Many facebook friends have been posting their favorite Elf pics lately and I had absolutely no idea who this little guy was. Now I know…..

Shelf Elf by Jill Watt. Click pic for link to free pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy crafting… Barb

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Christmas Quickies 2012 – by Barbara Bazzocchi Designs

Happy holiday crafting to you all! These are just a few of the ornaments I have made over the years to give as gifts or just left hanging around on my own tree. I have added the free pdf to my pattern page Please feel free to make and share. Please keep the patterns free.




Little felt stuffies – click pic for free pdf


Odd ball glass balls – click pic for free pdf


Alpha block jestor – click pic for pdf pattern

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New Free Christmas Pattern

Free Pattern Courtesy of Flutterby Patch. Please stop by and visit. Lots of beautiful things to see and do. Lots of Patterns both for free and to purchase. The paid patterns are clear and concise and work up beautifully. The free ones are not too shabby either! Love this site!


Flutterby Patch – Free snowman pattern. Click pic to link to pattern

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Tis the season…. for crafting!

 This week has brought more crazy weather, from freezing rain and snow to above normal temps and all the way back again. “They” said the snow was here to stay last week and most of it melted away. Now it’s back full force and although I don’t believe a word of what “They” say, I’m unpacking all the yarn stuff for the winter…….
I found this Free cutie over on Ravelry along with many pics of finished projects. The little pinafore finishes up fast and simply and truly does look like it has a pair of angel wings cap sleeves….. I made two over the course of one  snowy Saturday. It can be worn either open in front or back. The pattern itself is located over on BEV’S COUNTRY COTTAGE and created by MAXINE GONSER .  Please visit BEV! She has tons of great patterns and info on her page.

Angel Wings Pinafore – (

My Version – Little Angel Wing Pinafore
I used Red Heart Super Saver denim and a 5.5mm hook to achieve a size that would fit 9-12 months. Last row I used Astra Sport weight contrast light blue with the 5.5mm hook for the trim.

My Version – Little Angel Wing Pinafore
I used Red Heart Super Saver Aran Flecks and a 5.5mm hook. Last row I used Patons Astra Sportweight Dk. brown for the trim.

And keeping with the theme GRANDKIDDIES…. My cutie James has just turned 4 and I think it’s time to retire the Winnie the Poo cuddle buddy. I’ve had to perform countless surgeries on the poor thing after enduring countless acts of cruelty ranging from being catapulted across the room to decapitation…….  James LUVS Thomas! I searched for a pattern for Thomas ad Friends cuddlers and couldn’t find a thing. This is what I came up with after many attempts at something that finally met with Jame’s stamp of approval. It’s pretty basic and I will have a free pattern up soon.


Happy Crafting!


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Well the weather has taken a turn for the worst. After having almost 30 c weather for weeks, the snow has made its first appearance. It’s a blessing though, since most of the southeastern part of the province was engulfed in the flames of brush fires. No rain since mid August has set the conditions for spontaneous combustion. Many families were displaced for days and some not fortunate enough to have homes to return to. It’s a miracle that no lives were lost……… for this we should be thankful.

S.E. Manitoba brush fires Oct 3-2012

The day after the fire Oct.4 -2012

Celebrate! Oct 5-2012 “SNOW DAY! “


The cold has awakened the urge to crochet again. I found this cute pattern over on Colour in a Simple Life’s Blog. It amazes me how Karen comes up with such beautiful ideas!

I’ve made several attempts with different color combinations and have yet to find one that I really like. I love the white and bold colored bobbles. I need  something for a little boy baby blanket and wanted to go a little more earthy.  I am currently giving beige/green/rust/heather variegated and solid colors in the variegation a go for the bobbles and  light sandy beige for the squares. Will use alternating bands of the solids for the border.

boy cobblestone – in process

It looks ok but I’m not getting that satisfied feeling from it. This will be attempt number 3.  I guess I can always use them as cat blankies. LOL!

It’s unfortunate that Karen has fallen victim to a Pattern Pirate and no longer offers up her patterns for free. There are still some freebies on her site, all beautiful, but all of her new creations are now available on her Etsy Store and worth every penny.


I am working on a revision/corrections for the Assorted Baby Boots pattern. I have had many requests for bigger sizes and it’s difficult to explain how to enlarge a pattern to someone unless they have some experience in crocheting. I am hoping to have some videos that show step by step instructions that will  make it a bit easier to understand the directions.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend in your part of the world…… we all have something to be thankful for.

Please leave me a hello in the comment box so I can see where all of you wonderful fellow crafters are from!

Happy Crafting!


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